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The PERFORMANCE collection is the most advanced expression of INVICTA technologies and fabrics. Thermoregulation and perspiration are the cornerstones of the design of a collection designed for the most demanding sportsmen and the most extreme conditions. PERFORMANCE MEANS: -DRY SKIN UNDER STRESS - polypropylene, hydrophobic fiber, in contact with the skin immediately removes sweat even in conditions of great effort. It also has excellent thermal insulation and is resistant to UV rays. -BACTERIOSTATICITA' - Skinlife, the latest generation of microfiber, has the function of inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria present on our body, eliminating odors. -SECOND SKIN EFFECT - The combined use of polypropylene fibers and polyamide fibers helps to create lightweight garments that dry very quickly, giving the constant feeling of not wearing anything. -THERMOREGULATION - the thermoregulating cells keep the body temperature at optimal levels. The bioceramics, the material in which they are made, has the property of insulating from the heat on summer days and from the cold in winter ones and protecting from UV rays. -TRANSPIRATION - Thanks to the use of specific and sophisticated technologies, INVICTA has created micro-perforated cells to significantly increase the effects of skin-dry, bacteriostaticity and second-skin.